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To ensure that we are all on the same page please read the following to to help our time together run smoothly.


Please come to class fresh and clean. Use the toilet before class to avoid disrupting others.

Please note there are no public toilet facilities at Tow Top.

Mobile phones

Please silence your phones


Please stow bags, shoes, coats and phones in the room opposite

Mats, blankets and props

Please wipe down your mat after class with the wipes provided and leave your props and blankets as you found them


Please refrain from wearing perfume, in a small space scents can be overpowering and can affect the experience of other students


When you enter the studio please keep pre / post class events outside the room. Don't burden others with your personal problems. This is not a space for group counselling. Keep conversation light and positive


View your mat as your own deserted island. Stay on your mat physically and mentally. Give others space and privacy

Non judgement

A Yogic mindset is to avoid judgment and ego. On the mat, this can mean that we do not judge ourselves or others. It does not matter how deep one gets into a posture, for it's all relative to an individual's anatomy.
If the alignment is correct then the result is the same for everyone.
Yoga is not a competition.
With practice, the range of movement and strength within the physical body can improve but this should neither be pushed nor rushed.
Avoid comparing yourself with others, instead, focus on your own practice


Please aim to be on time to avoid keeping others waiting

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