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How do I join in?

We would love to meet you!
Contact me to ask anything at all or just go ahead and book a session online.

Am I too old / young / big / small / inflexible to do Yoga?

Absolutely NOT!!!
E V E R Y B O D Y is a Yoga body. We are all unique and practice within our individual ability.
Classes are sequenced to offer options to all levels. The beauty of Yoga is that no matter your previous experience the benefits and outcome will be universal to each student.

Do I need to bring anything?

(Great Corby & Tow Top Aerial classes )

Nope, just yourself and a smile! Mats, props and blankets are provided. You are welcome to use your own mat if you wish. All mats are sanitised after class.

There is a disabled wc at Great Corby but not at Tow Top.


What should I expect from my first class?

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere, zero judgment and no space for big egos! I teach Hatha (slower paced) and Vinyasa (faster paced) style classes. The beauty of teaching small classes is to tailor sequences to your needs and to detect your preferred style and pace. I will ask you to fill out a medical questionaire when we first meet and ask you to write down at least 3 areas (physically or mentally) in which you would like to improve.

What is Yoga

Yoga (sanskrit) translates in English as 'Yoke' or 'union'. Yoga originated in India many, many years ago and although the practice has evolved from the traditional roots the aim remains the same. To quiet the mind by connecting the breath to the movement in the body.

What shall I wear?

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing and bare feet. No need to buy anything new, just wear whatever you are comfortable in.

Where shall I park?

Great Corby village hall is a sandstone building next to the big playing field. There is plenty of space to park alongside to pavement next to the field. Please be mindful not to block any residents driveway access.

Tow Top is near Middle Gelt Bridge, if you are not sure of the area please ask for directions though the sat nav will get you here CA8 9JJ

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Please do not drive all the way to the top of the driveway, instead, drive up the left hand side then back down the one way system toward the exit. If you arrive first, park closest to the exit to allow room for others to park behind you.

Is the studio on the ground floor?

The studio in Great Corby is up one flight of stairs. If this is a problem for you, please contact me to arrange an alternative solution.

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