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What to expect from a yoga class with Anne

In my classes you can expect a friendly and welcome atmosphere

I offer a non competitive, relaxed and non pressured approach to Yoga.

Not too serious with elements of fun and play.

Totally suitable for complete beginners.

I aim to keep my classes fresh and different each time. I teach with props such as swiss balls, weights, resistance bands, chairs, walls, straps, blocks, bolsters and even golf clubs!


Classes might focus on certain parts of your body such as shoulder, hips, feet, back, legs or core. Sometimes we may have a focus on certain movements such as backbends, twists or balancing postures.

Breathing!! By focusing on the breath the mind connects to the body.

This is ultimately what we are trying to achieve when we practice yoga.

Yoga literally translates as 'union.'

So as long as you are on your mat and breathing you are doing it right!


Injuries... no problem, in fact so common and can be worked around with modifications.

If it doesn't  feel right then don't do it; there is always an alternative.

Requests for classes and feedback are always welcome. 

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