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December and January Yoga and Hair

Please note location and timetable changes

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New Timetable

Yoga classes will be at Tow Top, How Mill, Brampton Ca8 9JJ due to inadequate heating at Great Corby Village Hall

I apologise if this is not going to work for you but the drop in temperatures this week have forced me to change to the small studio at my house which has underfloor heating.

If you live in Great Corby and would like to arrange to travel with neighbours please let me know and I can co ordinate this. 

When you come to Tow Top please park at the bottom of the hill. There is a loop - drive up the left hand side turn down the right hand side so you are facing the right direction to leave. If you come to the second class please don't arrive too early to avoid parking congestion.

Walk up the hill and I will let you in to the door on the left of the building.

Hair appointments are going to be all day Thursday so I can try to keep the room warm enough. If this does not suit then please contact me to arrange an alternative day.

Any classes booked next week will automatically be moved to the new location unless I hear otherwise from you.

I have Saturday classes back in December instead of the Thursday Yoga classes.

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