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A Little Bit About Me

Hi I am Anne

I practice Yoga daily

It is a pleasure not a chore

It improves my mood, brings peace within, and calms my mind

Yoga teaches me something new every day

I would like to share some of these things with you

I do not and could not know everything there is to know about Yoga, nobody does

The history is ancient, the philosophy so deep and the physical postures are too many to count

This is the beauty of Yoga, you can never reach 'the end'

I will always be a student

If we are open to, we can learn from each other

Your Yoga journey can be whatever you want it to be

Talk to me about it

People generally begin Yoga for their vanity but stay for their sanity

 Yoga is a union between the body and mind

My aim is to create space for others to experience that

In my classes, you can expect lots of variety

To challenge yourself safely within your comfort level

And give you time and space to breathe

You will find me friendly, approachable and trustworthy

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